The Finca Property Sales Walking Yurts in the Olive Grove

Yurts in the Olive Grove

From Spring 2006 you will be able to stay in the unique setting of the Pena del Aguila olive grove in authentic , mongolian yurts with all the beautiful design features, natural skylight for star gazing , solid wooden door, handmade wooden construction and well insulated thick canvas covering. Not only a romantic sleeping place but also a comfortable, well equipped kitchen and bathroom in an old stone stable. Magnificent views from the olive terraces down into the valley towards the finca and the Cornalvo mountains in the distance.

A natural , spring-fed plunge pool is situated on the next terrace down from the kitchen and outside dining area under the olive trees.

Your yurt comes with one of our donkeys for the 20min. trek to Montanchez through a spectacular mountain pass or the 10 min. trek down to Finca al-manzil.

Minimum 1 week stay @ 50 euros per day

Parte de la finca, un bellísimo olivar, es Peña del Águila, un proyecto de acondicionamiento paralelo. La dimensión activa de este proyecto pude ser disfrutada día a día también por los clientes de Finca al-manzil. Fantásticos recorridos por toda la sierra, acompañanos de una buro para caminar sin carga. Escalada sin dificultad con seguras cuerdas. Recorridos a caballo para los aue tienen experiencia. Todo el equipamiento está disponible. Destacamos las interesantes especcies de animales, pájaros y plantas, autóctonas algunas, que nos encontramos en nuestros paseos a pié o a caballo. En época de setas y espárragos, intentaremos encontrar suficientes para preparar por la tarde una deliciosa cena.

Peña del Àguila is one of the high peaks which back the finca and towers over the yurts in a high olive grove protected by the high peaks but with extensive views to the South and West.

Peña del Àguila means Eagle's Peak and this conjures up the wild, free feeling of this part of the finca. It is only accessible by foot or hoof. A charming path leads up from Finca Al-Manzil through the enormous rocks and ancient trees, past many chozos, the stone shelters for shepherds and animals. There are many springs on the way up for a refreshing splash of water. The path emerges at the foot of one of the most impressive rock formations on the finca and one enters Peña del Àguila olive grove. Here all nature is blessed by the spring water which gushes from rocks at the top of the olive grove. This is a perfect setting-off point for the walking and riding, straight into the sierra.

Peña del Àguila is the "alternative" atmosphere of the finca, perfect for lunch time picnics under the shade of olive trees or romantic evening barbecues under the stars.



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The Finca Property Sales Walking Yurts in the Olive Grove


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